Public Relations In The City Of Brotherly Love

Every city in the US offers something special.  The trick is tapping into what it is and presenting it in the most compelling way.  The practice of Philadelphia Public Relations has its own special vibe.  Why?  It is probably due to the cities unique location, historic significance and blue collar attitude.  Like other pros in the field Philadelphia Public Relations experts aim to increase awareness about their client, promote its mission and accomplishments, and advance the customers image and brand as it relates to a targeted audience.  PR specialists around the country face the same challenges, only the methodology is different.

What is the best way to accomplish these goals?  There are numerous directions one can take including publicizing activities, internal and external communications, media relations, community outreach, special events, media training and speech writing.

Like your company, Philadelphia Public Relations agencies work with local, regional and national media to secure coverage, identify and develop story angles, distribute news releases to the appropriate press person, pitch and place stories, arrange reporter’s visits and interviews, set up photo opportunities and arrange other forms of communication.  We seek to position our clients as experts in their fields to further increase exposure and awareness.

So what constitutes a successful Philadelphia Public Relations campaign and what can you learn from it?  Cachet Communications, located in Center City, has been the architect of building numerous brands.  Some businesses were already doing well but wanted to do better such as LAGOS.  The nationally known jeweler boasts 500 outlets including kiosks at Bloomingdales, Neiman’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.  LAGOS did however want to expand its reach.  Cachet Communications suggested that for their annual warehouse sale LAGOS ally with a strong charity with an extensive member list.  Autism Speaks was selected and five pieces from the vault were auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Additionally LAGOS sold 100 specially made hearts with all proceeds to the non-profit.  These fabulous pieces drew press attention, higher turnout for the sale, and resulted in a large check to the charity.  A win-win situation.

Other organizations were struggling or not sure how to proceed and needed a guiding hand, case in point Reading Terminal Market.   One of the country’s oldest indoor farmers markets wanted to raise monies for renovations.  Management decided to hold a gala however in its first year the party did not have a proven track record.  To generate excitement and boost attendance Cachet Communications came up with the idea of a local version of the hit TV show “Chopped”.  Celebrities were paired with real chefs and they had to use a mystery basket of ingredients to create a delicious dish.  The fun element appealed to both local personalities and the press who turned out for and featured the event during many newscasts.  The result was positive exposure for all.

Philadelphia Public Relations experts will tell you that they have the same goals as those of similar minded professionals across the nation.  However, there are unique aspects here in the region, as there are in your area.  This means being aware of and highlighting what makes your town, its companies and businesses unique and featuring those people and places that help put it on the map.