Media Training: Lights, Camera, Action

If press coverage is a priority for your business but you are nervous about the interview, relax, it’s not difficult to get camera ready.  All of us can benefit from Media Training however here are a few easy tricks of the trade.

The worst thing you can do is lie.  Keep it short to the point and tell the truth.  Any Media Training pro will tell you the same thing.  If you don’t know the answer, admit it and tell the reporter you will get back to them.  Then follow up.  It is permissible to tell an interviewer that some information is proprietary.  Remember just because a reporter puts away their microphone, IPAD, notebook or computer doesn’t mean what you tell them is off the record.  Reporters look for the sizzle and often it comes after the subject thinks the interview is done.

Media Training teaches you that the best way to convey your message is through an interesting story or anecdote.  Statistics are boring unless you back them up with real world experience or a way to personalize them.  Keep answers on message and if possible props or visuals really help make your point.  If you want to be quoted: talk in 15-20 second sound bytes.  Analogies are great.  Bold action words are best.  Emotions and examples will capture the imagination.  Clichés work!  Humor can be an effective tool.

As to the all-important question what to wear?  Media training experts would advise not to wear stripes, white or anything distracting.  Don’t look at the camera; look at the reporter in a one-to-one situation.  Don’t lean back in your chair, be loose, but bend forward about 15 degrees.  It’s OK to move your hands just not above your face, below chest or wider than your shoulders.  Remember this should be fun and can really benefit your business.

To get the best result rehearse, smile, have energy in your voice and never say anything negative about an individual or company.  Media training helps you focus on what you want to convey and educates you how to do that most effectively.  Good luck!