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Laurel Fairworth

President and Founder

As a reporter in New York, Laurel Fairworth saw a need for helping people pitch or “sell” their organization. They had the drive and solid business plans, but did not know how to introduce their company to the public and with measurable results. While researching, writing and reporting her stories, she saw businesses from both sides - owners and customers. She discovered unique perspectives that lead to developing brands and their niche markets. 

In 2000, Laurel founded Cachet Communications. Her experience as a 20-year, award-winning reporter helped develop her media skills and created long standing press contacts. She has worked as a journalist in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Baltimore and South Florida. She has a flair and the first-hand knowledge of what works. Getting noticed is half the battle, without it, you cannot sell your product, your service or yourself.


Cachet Communications is a full-service marketing, public relations and media firm with an emphasis on original events, providing athletes and celebrity speakers and social media promotions. We have represented everyone from non-profits and large corporations to high fashion and low art. We enjoy mixing and matching clients and figuring out mutually beneficial partnerships.


An Agile & Result-Driven Agency

We have represented clients not only in the tri-state area, but in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. We go where you are, so we can get an understanding of your company, it’s culture, products, customer base and more. We are fully hands on because our goals are to:

  1. Design press-generating events that will create media connections to expand your market reach as well as be a source for future communications.

  2. Arrange noted Speaker or Master of Ceremonies to wow attendees at any occasion large or small

  3. Increase your visibility that will generate new opportunities.

  4. Exceed your expectations with our industry knowledge and experience, which will help us understand our clients’ objectives and work within their timeline and budget.

  5. Train your staff to be comfortable in front of a camera or with any type of reporter while effectively getting your message across.

  6. Assist in scripting, producing and writing a concise, yet engaging, video that produces a wow and entices prospective customers to pick up the phone and call.

  7. Become your PR partner to highlight your competitive advantages.


Ayalon Documentary

Laurel is also involved in a documentary on the beginnings of the Jewish state of Israel. While on a trip there, she learned of the Ayalon Museum, a well-kept secret. If you would like to learn more about the project, you may view the trailers or contact Laurel. 

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If you need a public relations agency to help launch your business, charity or a community project, contact us today. We’ll set up a time that works with your schedule to discuss your PR and marketing goals. We are located in Center City, just minutes from all bridges and major routes.


Cachet Communications

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