Not Just A Camera Company

Nacho Abia, President of Olympus Corporation, wants us to know that OCA produces much more than cameras.  The company, headquartered in Japan, actually concentrates between 70-80% of its effort in the medical arena.  Abia is excited about the fact that every other month there is a new product his company is developing and the reason 10% of all revenue is spent on research and development.  This topic and others will be covered by the native of Barcelona during JBN’s Speaker Series on November 12, 2014 at Temple Center City campus @ noon.

Abia hopes that anecdotes from his own experiences both positive and negative will enlighten JBN members and their guests on what it takes to succeed.  “Sometimes it is the bad things that happen which teach us more.  I am going to talk to the group about what I have gone through and what I have learned” explained Abia.  

Olympus is a global technology company that got its start producing cameras.  It now has business activity in the medical equipment, consumer products (photography and audio) scientific and industrial fields.  Abia has worked at Olympus for 14 years in the company’s European headquarters as the Managing Director for the Imaging Division and as CEO of the Olympus subsidiary in the Iberia region.  Living in Bethlehem for the past two years Abia says he can see himself and his family here in the future.  “This has been a very welcoming place.  I enjoy the slower pace and we are close to Philadelphia and New York which is necessary for business”.

What is next for this multi-faceted company and for Abia himself?  He is passionate about the opportunity to position Olympus in a way that benefits consumers “We are hoping to achieve the dual goals of lower costs while improving the quality of life for everyone” added Abia in closing.