It makes sense that Ross Ketover is a major football fan.  Growing up in Miami, the NFL Films Senior Executive rooted for the Dolphins, but now he also cheers for the Eagles.  Ketover loves everything about the sport and is especially pumped about his company’s new venture into the arenas of streaming video, virtual reality and the theatre world.  Ketover says the NJ based NFL Films main goal is great storytelling however it is embracing the latest methods of communication.  “Football is compelling.  The drama, the violence, the strategy and the weather all play into it.  However like the rest of the world we now need to convey video digitally on your phone and your computer and not just via your television set” explained Ketover.

Ketover has spent his entire career with NFL Films and now oversees production and the creative group.  He told us there are at least thirty people who have been with the company  30 plus years because it is a great place to work.  JBN featured speaker February 15, 2017, at Temple Center City campus will relate his experiences with the sports video behemoth. 

Asked whats on tap, the Emmy award winner for documentaries on Namath and Lombardi confided that 15 series are in various stages of development.  “We are deciding on topics for the 7th series of a Football Life and editing the 2nd season of All or Nothing.  It has all been shot but I can’t share with you what team we were embedded with for the year” laughed Ketover.  As far as job opportunities he admitted there is always a need for excellent filmmakers but that the company is running lane and mean these days.  

Now the big question, what does the football expert see ahead for the Green and White.  “With a new coach and new star quarterback the league views the Eagles as a team on the rise” said Ketover, “and so do I”.  Go E-A-G-L-E-S and go NFL Films!